About Us

Who We Are

Dryer Vent Champ is a dryer vent cleaning company that services residential properties in the San Diego County area.

What We Do

We inspect your dryer vents and keep a controlled environment that eliminates excess lint or dust that might otherwise escape into your home. We take great care to keep your home exactly the way it was when we arrived except with all the lint and dust removed from the vents.

Why Should Dryer Vents Be Cleaned

Dryer Fires are more common than chimney fires. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of dryer-related home fires are increasing and according to FEMA the leading cause of dryer fires is failure to clean them.

Dryer vent cleaning makes your dryer safer and more efficient. When dryer vents accumulate lint and other debris, the time it takes to dry clothes increases and can eventually cause the dryer to overheat. Energy usage increases because the machine has to run longer to dry clothes. The build-up of lint and debris can also cause fires in the dryer or the dryer duct if too much accumulates.